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arch2 000Ever wondered where to start?


Hopefully this page will provide you with sufficient insight and information to make contact with us and come along to see if Archery is for you.


Most 'newcomers' come to archery having tried it at an activity centre, the scouts or at a simple 'Have a Go' session.  If you are new to the sport then you are going to need a beginners course.  This course gives you the safety aspects of shooting, some rules to shoot by and an understanding of basic technique to start you on your way.


We try to run  beginners course throughout the year (wintertime indoors, and summer time outdoors on a Monday)  Courses are always very popular and it is not unusual for places to be booked severel months ahead of the course date.


If you are interested in a course, then please use the 'contact Us' button on the front page for more information.




We have just one place left on a course running on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th September.  This is a course running on a Monday evening from 7pm till 8.30pm.  As we get towards the last two sessions there will most likely be a need to bring the time forward to get the hours in before it gets too dark!


If interested in a place on the course please use the 'contact us' button and details will be sent directly to you.  Places are generally filled quite quickly and so early booking is advised.


Course numbers are restricted to ensure a very good instructor/student ratio. All equipment can be borrowed from the club for the duration of the course so there is no need to buy anything before committing yourself to the sport.  In fact, we would recommend that you don't buy anything until after the course. The equipment required is very specific to you and your needs and it's not a case of 'one size fits all'  You could therefore find that buying equipment too early could prove to be a mistake.