Like most, if not all, archery clubs we pride ourselves on being a club that welcomes new members.  However from time to time  we do have a waiting list.



We accept both Senior, Junior and those of any age with a disability as members, whether a seasoned archer or a beginner. Once established as an archer the amount you wish to spend on your sport is similar to many other sports. There is no need for it to be very expensive, unless of course you wish to buy the very best equipment!

Certainly at the outset, whilst you are deciding whether archery is for you or not, the club will provide assistance with equipment in order to avoid unnecessary expense.


The cost of  membership to the Senior club is £110 a year. Senior fees are collected just prior to the beginning of the 'club' year in September. If you join mid way through the 'club' year then your fees are calculated on a pro rata basis. Your affiliation fees to Archery GB, the region and the county are collected in September of each year in order to ensure that they are paid prior to the start of the archery year on the 1st October.

Membership lasts for 12 months, or shorter if joining part way through the year, and is renewable every year.  All applications, either initial or renewing are veted by the committee before membership is granted.


The  Junior membership is £80 per year. For 'renewing' members this is collected in September.  There is nothing else to pay after this fee has been paid.  This fee includes all shooting fees whether you come along once, twice or in the summer three times a week.  Of course just as with the seniors if you join part way through the year your fees are calculated on a 'pro-rato' basis.  Your Archery GB affiliation fees are also included within your £80.


We have a 12 week 'probationary' period on all new members.  That means that you will be restricted during those first 12 weeks to just using the facility during the usual club sessions.  These are Tuesday evenings, indoors, and Saturday mornings, outdoors in the winter.  From the 1st April the sessions are all outdoors and will be on a Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday mornings.  You would be allowed to shoot outside of those times, but would need to arrange that with another senior member who would also need to be present to allow you access to the club house etc.

At the end of the 12 week probation your membership will be reviewed by the committee and, if you have progressed as we would expect, your access will then be changed to 'unlimited'

This process is under review by the committee and with agreement can be amended to suit indiviual needs.

Those members joining us from other clubs need to make contact to discuss joining arrangements.


Archery GB membership is required to provide insurance for the club and to allow members to shoot at any other Archery GB affiliated club and competition