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Please use this page to check out archery etiquette as per Archery GB, Club Rules and our Club constitution



A Good Archer:
(a) Does not talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting.
(b) Does not talk to another competitor who obviously prefers to be silent.
(c) Does not make any exclamation on the shooting line that might disconcert a neighbour
in the act of shooting.
(d) Does not go behind the target to retrieve his arrows before his score has been
(e) Does not walk up and down the shooting line comparing scores.
(f) Does not touch anyone else’s equipment without permission.
(g) Does not leave litter.
(h) When calling scores does so in groups of three, for example ‘7 -7 -5’ pause ‘5 -5 -3’.
(j) If he breaks another’s arrow through his own carelessness, pays for it in cash on the
(k) Thanks the Target Captain at the end of each round for work on his behalf.

Please use this page to check out Archery etiquette, as per Archery GB, club rules and our club constitution.



Club Etiquette


The club does not run itself!  The committee are elected each year to sort the day to day issues to try to ensure the smooth running of the club. 

On club shooting days there is always a lot of equipment to get out, erect and afterwards to be put away.  This is the responsibility of all members that wish to shoot on that occasion.

Everyone understands that not all members can attend early or stay late to help with equipment.  However, as a general rule if you cannot get there early to help put equipment out then you should be helping put it away at the end of the session.  Likewise for those with junior members that cannot stay late then you should try to get there earlier to help get everything out.

In is not acceptable or 'Club Friendly Behaviour' to turn up late, shoot and then disappear without helping with the equipment.


We hire the hall on a Tuesday evening from 7.30pm till 9.30pm.  If the opportunity arises to increase those hours then the club will try to do so.  The school are very lenient in allowing us time before hand to set up the equipment.  They will also allow us some grace at the end of the period to remove the equipment and get it stored away again. However, we must have everything away and be off the premises before 10pm.

On a Saturday we hire the field from 10am till 1pm.  Again they will allow us some time to set up and clear away, but our shooting times are from 10am till 1pm.

We cannot abuse these times without fear of being charged more or much worse, having our hire agreement refused.



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