Senior Club Records

I am trying to compile a list of senior club record scores for all rounds, both indoor and out, compound and recurve, male and female. If anyone has any scores they wish to be considered please contact me either on the forums or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or in person.

Portsmouth Recurve.  Daryl Westwood. 529.  November 2011.

Sorry Daryl we have a new record!

Portsmouth Recurve.  Mike Bucknall.  536.  January 2012.

Portsmouth Compound. Keith Short.   564.  December 2011.

Sorry Mike we have a new record!

Portsmouth Recurve.  Chris Evans.   539.   February 2012.

Worcester Recurve.   Kevan Grantham.  254.  February 2012.

Worcester Compound.   Ann Short.   221.   February 2012.

We also have some Junior Recurve Records for Worcester.

Under 18 Gents.  Edward Ford. 244.  February 2012.

Under 14 Ladies.  Saffron Shakespear. 105.  February 2012.

Under 12 Ladies.  Chloe Downs.   96.   February 2012.

Hereford Compound.  Steve Loates.  1056.  August 2011.

Hereford Recurve.  Chris Evans.  956.  August 2011.

Stafford Recurve.  Chris Evans.  617.  March 2012.

Western Recurve.  Chris Evans.  702.  June 2012